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Our Program Philosophy

The Interpreter Training Program recognizes the dignity and value of the Deaf community as well as the languages and communication modes used by its members.  We affirm the legitimacy of American Sign language (ASL) as a true language and acknowledge the use of various modes of manually coded English by some members of the Deaf community.  We believe in teaching and showing respect for both cultural and individual differences within the community.

We believe the associate’s degree program is a “stepping stone”  towards competency in the field of interpreting.  The students are provided tools to prepare them to become linguistically competent, professionally ethical, and individually equipped with integrity.

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Who seeks the ITP degree?

ITP students are people who:

  • wish to be professionally employed as sign language interpreters.
  • have excellent interpersonal skills, and enjoy working with people.
  • are socially aware and respect the dignity and value of diverse cultures.
  • wish to improve their ASL skills.

Where do Sign Language Interpreters work?

Sign language interpreters may in the course of an average day find themselves in a variety of situations. They may be employed either part-time or full-time, and may work in different venues such as educational, community, legal, medical, vocational, mental health, religious, performing arts, and video relay. Clients are likewise diverse and may have varying needs, including minimal language competency ("high visual") or Deaf-Blind. Our program covers all of the above, and is proud to offer a Deaf-Blind interpreting course.

After ITP students earn their degree, they can apply to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf for formal certification.

How much money do Sign Language Interpreters make?

The pay for a Sign Language Interpreter varies depending on many factors, including degrees obtained, certification level, location, and years of experience, among others.

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