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Using QuickTime® to View the ITP Video Dictionary

When you select a sign to view, your browser uses QuickTimeŽ to show the video. The QuickTime video appears as shown in Figure 1. Depending on your browser, you may need to select "ITP Video Dictionary" (on the left) to choose the next word or phrase. Otherwise, just click on the next word to view the sign!

Apple's QuickTime is a simple and excellent tool for viewing online videos. When you use QuickTime to view the ITP Video Dictionary, you may use the controls to:

  • play and pause the video from any point in the video
  • freeze a frame
  • step-through the video one frame at a time, backwards or forward
Figure 1
Figure 1: The QuickTime Video Viewer

The QuickTime controls are the:

  1. Play/Pause Button
  2. Progression Slider
  3. Step Backward Button
  4. Step Forward Button
  5. QuickTime Options Button

Press the Play/Pause button, (number 1), to start and freeze the video.

As the video progresses, the Progression Slider, (number 2), scrolls across the bottom of the video screen from left to right. You can click-and-hold the Progression Slider, then slide it left and right, to scroll forward and backwards through the video.

The Step Backward and Step Forward Buttons, (buttons 3 and 4), allow you to step-through the video frame-by-frame.

Click on Button 5 to view the QuickTime's options.

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